Hopefully this won’t be news to anyone, as you should have received an email direct from the Episerver developer mailing list. Wait, what do you mean you haven’t signed up? Do it now!

Where and when?

Thanks to RedWeb who are kindly hosting (and Episerver too), we’re having another Meetup on the 23rd March 2017

Help us out / lightning talks

I’m always keen to hear your ideas and feedback about our Meetups. Help me out and spend a few minutes to fill in the form below

Leave us some feedback to help make these Meetups better

I’m equally as keen to get some contributions for you all. It will always be better if you are willing to share a little of the cool stuff you’re working on. Just like last time, we’ve got a slot for some 5 minute ‘Lightning talks’. The idea being it’s a chance to……

  1. Tell us about something useful to the community (without the overhead of pulling together a presentation and slides). Why not just crack up Visual Studio and show us a demo, or talk us through a good blog post you’ve seen.
  2. Practise your presentation skills in front of a very friendly audience….

We had some good contributions last time. Hopefully we can get a few more this time. If you’re keen but don’t know what to talk about then let me (episerver@markeverard.com). I’ve got a few ideas you can use.

Don’t forget to tell us you’re coming

Please sign up on the Eventbrite page to book yourself a place. We’ve got limited space but will always try to accommodate as many of you as we can.


See you there!