Successful integrations depend on good information transfer


System integration is often the most challenging aspect of any technical build, both from a development and cost perspective. Joining two systems together requires a solid interface that facilitates good information transfer, not just between your information systems but also between your technical teams. A SOLID INTERFACE FOR DEVELOPMENT Getting the right information to support accurate and...

My big fat digital wedding


Planning a wedding is difficult. I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time to share some of the digitals tools and skills Ann-Marie and I used to help us plan for our big day on the 13th June 2015. Wedding CRM Communicating about your celebration and the logistics is a vital part of the story. Without your family and friends it would be a very different sort of party. Its...

Exception handling for developers – dealing with day-to-day issues in the workplace


Understanding exception handling is a key programming skill and one that every seasoned developer should know and understand. Those same rules hold true for real-life exceptions that occur in your team and workplace. Exceptional handling… Wikipedia defines exception handling as: Exception handling is the process of responding to the occurrence, during computation, of exceptions – anomalous...

​A development team is more than just developers

A football team is made up of footballers. A cricket team is made up of cricketers. A rugby team is made up of rugby players. Anybody with more than a passing interest in any of the above sports will tell you that whilst those statements are true they mask a huge amount of detail. Each of those teams is made up of a blend of different roles and skills. A goalkeeper is very different from a centre...

How exactly do you need to manage your content?


Detailed content management requirements are often overlooked in the design and build of a content managed website. This can result in an implementation that lacks flexibility and incurs higher costs over its lifetime. Dual purpose Web Content Management (WCM/CMS) implementations deliver two key capabilities for an organisation: A website, perhaps with a new or updated design or brand. The...

The real cost of owning a development team


Development teams are expensive. There, I said it. If you want a high-performing development team then be prepared to invest. I’m not just talking about salaries. You’ll also need to equip your team with high-quality hardware and the expensive software tools they need to deliver the solutions you want. This isn’t news to many organisations. It’s actually not hard to get those bits right, and...

Will HTML5 deliver the mobile app-ocalypse?


Despite the continued success of Apples’ App Store and similar online application stores, publishers are beginning to invest and deliver mobile applications using technologies that many believe may signal the demise of the traditional native app. Is it time to take shelter from an impending mobile app-ocalypse? With the current popularity of the App Store (over 25 billion downloads) it...

This time……………….


This isn’t mine – in fact I don’t know who the credit should go to. However, it was so great I wanted to put it somewhere relevant where I could see it often.
UPDATE (16th May 2012): It originally came Manu Cornet at Bonkers World. Awesome stuff

GiveCamp UK – a philanthropic software development microcosm


I was lucky enough to participate in the first UK GiveCamp over the course of the last weekend. Wow, what an incredible experience! “Pair 120 developers with a collection of UK charities each with an IT need. Lock them in a room, feed with caffeine, cooked pig and sugar. Leave to bake over the course of a weekend, peel open (and off the floor) on Sunday afternoon. Stand back and view the...

What are you going to do about it?


As programmers, we’re very used to dealing with systems that are easy to understand and behave predictably (though I have worked with some codebases that are the exact opposite). Aside from code, the majority of our day-to-day interactions in the workplace are with team members, managers, clients and other colleagues. These human interactions are often much harder to predict and respond to...

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