Using WebHooks in an EPiServer solution


WebHooks are a way of connecting internet / cloud services together. They allow websites to communicate with each other via HTTP callbacks. Services can subscribe (via HTTP) to receive notifications from publishers about a specific event. Publishers, manage these subscriptions and then on each event push notifcations via an HTTP Post to each receiver, at an endpoint defined during subscription...

Enhanced RSS / ATOM Feeds for EPiServer


I’ve released a new version of CHIEF2MORO.SyndicationFeeds. Along with upgrading to EPiServer 9, I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a few additional features based on some feedback and my own real usage. Advanced Filtering The library now contains the IFeedContentFilterer interface which provides an extension for any custom filtering you may want to achieve (for example –...

Confimed talks for the London Developer Meetup


One week to go until our next Meetup on 3rd June at the Shooting Star near Liverpool Street. Have you RSVP’d? Confirmed talks “Nested queries with EPiServer Find” – Danie De Kock. A look into some of the more complex queries and scenarios that can be performed using Find. “JavaScript Concepts for the EPiServer Developer” – Ben McKernan. Learn about some of the key JavaScript concepts that...

London EPiServer Developer Meetup Summer 2015


I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since our last get-together! Again the EPiServer landscape has changed a great deal since our last Meetup, with approximately 26 continuous releases delivered across both CMS, Commerce and Find (and of course the merger with Ektron) We’re still finalising talks so stay tuned. If you have something you wish to talk aboutor contribute...

Helping EPiServer editors Find unused content


It might sound obvious, but content management is about more than just content creation and editing. It is also knowing when your content has reached the end of its useful lifespan. It means knowing when it’s time to ‘Move to Trash’, and when it’s time to ‘Move to Trash’ permanently! I’ve seen as many content management systems ultimately fail due to poor...

Content Icons for EPiServer


One of the nice features that came along with the new CMS editing interface from EPiServer 7 is the ability to define icons for Pages and Blocks. These icons are used within the new editing interface and give editors a more visual way of deciding which is the right content element to use and create in their site. Alloy examples The Alloy Templates starter pack contains a selection of purpose...

Find(ing) missing dependencies when installing New EPiServer Find


Recently we installed the New EPiServer Find so our editors could benefit from the sleek new interface from which they could view and optimise our user’s search journeys. Installation on our DEV machines was simple and performed through Nuget. However, after deployment we noticed that our upstream environments were broken (obviously we didn’t deploy as far as production!) The environments were...

PageStructureBuilder for EPiServer 7.5


If there was an award for the best EPiServer extension produced by a member of the World community; that didn’t gain the recognition it deserved. Of course, my own Personalisation Engine would win hands down 😉 Coming in a very close second would be one of Joel Abrahamsson’s masterpieces. This one lesser known than PageTypeBuilder, Truffler or PowerSlice, but one that solves a common...

Configurable Content Feeds for EPiServer 7.5


AKA – another (and better!) RSS/ATOM feed for EPiServer. Developing an RSS feed for an EPiServer CMS system is actually quite a simple task and there is already a good amount of information and community options that you can download and use. However, the particular problem I was presented with required something a little more than what was already out there, so I took the opportunity to...

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