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Configurable Content Feeds for EPiServer 7.5


AKA – another (and better!) RSS/ATOM feed for EPiServer. Developing an RSS feed for an EPiServer CMS system is actually quite a simple task and there is already a good amount of information and community options that you can download and use. However, the particular problem I was presented with required something a little more than what was already out there, so I took the opportunity to...

London EPiServer Developer Meetup Summer 2014


Many of you have been asking when the next London EPiServer Developer Meetup would be…… If you keep reading then you’ll find out (spoiler – its Tuesday 10th June) It’s been a year since we last met and there is much to catch up on. As we were all getting to grips with version 7, EPiServer released 7.5, including a new way to handle media files. There has been further...

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