ArchiveJanuary 2014

POSSIBLE.RobotsTxtHandler for EPiServer 7.5


A few months back I put together a robots.txt handler for EPiServer CMS 7. Technology moves quickly and since then EPiServer have released CMS version 7.5 My generous ex-colleague Marcin () has forked and updated the package to work with version 7.5. This involved a few minor changes to handle the changes in how sites and site settings are defined. Its on the Nuget feed already –  –...

Mark Everard

I've worked across the digital industry for the past ten years, helping clients and colleagues across a diverse range of sectors meet numerous digital challenges, specifically focusing on web technologies, digital marketing and content management.

I've worked on large multi-supplier projects and led and managed both in-house and geographically-disperse development teams. And I've always approached my work with a smile on my face.

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