ArchiveMarch 2013

Modifying Alloy Templates to work with EPiServer patches delivered via Nuget.


Along with their latest CMS release, EPiServer have also changed the model that they use to deliver hot-fixes to partner developers. Previously they were delivered as a singular hot-fix obtained from Developer Support or were rolled into more major service-pack releases. From now on, hot-fixes and maintenance releases will be delivered directly from the EPiServer Nuget feed. This is a seriously...

Serving EPiServer CMS 6 and Composer over SSL


It’s often a requirement for enterprise customers to maximise security on their public-facing websites and to request that access to the EPiServer interface is locked down. With the standard EPiServer CMS there are a number of ways to do this, from removing the edit ui bindings from public facing web-servers to serving the edit mode over https. Forcing the edit ui over SSL largely comes...

Using MiniProfiler with EPiServer CMS7


MiniProfiler is a great tool for allowing in-situ profiling to be performed directly on a production site; by your development team whilst hiding any detailed specific information from a standard end user. It was developed by Sam Saffron who built it (and then open sourced it) to solve real-world profiling issues on StackOverflow. It’s been around for a while and has already been integrated...

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