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Creating a custom ModelBinder allowing validation of injected composite models


Model Binding – is the ‘auto-magic’ step performed by the ASP.NET MVC framework to convert user submitted data (either http post values, querystring values or url route values) into a strongly typed model, used in your controller actions. Out of the box, the MVC framework also allows you to set validation attributes on your models which are inspected at the model binding stage...

Personalization Engine – User Interface


One of the things I wanted to provide with the PersonalizationEngine framework was a series of simple User Interface elements , which would provide an easy way to demonstrate the Personalization Engine within front-end templates, and also provide developers with some simple examples of how to use the API. Lee Crowe has stepped up to the mark and contributed these for me 🙂 – Thanks Lee These...

Serving videos to iOS devices from EPiServer VPP folders


We recently launched an EPiServer site that made moderate, but high-profile usage of video and was also designed to be iOS device friendly – meaning no Flash and Html5 used to display video. Late on in development / integration we came across an issue where the mp4 / m4v videos file that were being served from an EPiServer VPP folder did not play when viewed on an iOS device. A little...

Summer 2011 London EPiServer Meetup programme


Our third London EPiServer Meetup is almost upon us – (this Thursday 7th July). We’ve got a theme of ‘Integration’ this time and three of our members have kindly volunteered to talk: Paul Dunstone (from our hosts Rufus) – who will be talking about an EPiServer / SmartLogic integration that allowed for a rich and automated content classification. Paul previously...

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