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London EPiServer Developer Meetup Summer 2011


Our third London EPiServer Developer Meetup will be held on 7th July 2011, and will be hosted by our friends at Rufus Leonard Hang on – let me put that in my diary…. Rufus Leonard have kindly offered to be our hosts for the evening, they are based in Farringdon. Thurs 7th July 2011, 18.30 –21.00 Rufus Leonard – The Drill Hall, 57a Farringdon Road, London (directions here) I want to...

An extremely useful Powershell command…..


By default Powershell exceptions and stderr outputs don’t give you much information beyond the exception name and the position in the script where the exception occurred. What you really want is a full stack trace.
You can get more information by running the following command; immediately after you’re troubled by a ‘troublesome’ exception

$error[0]|format-list –force

Personalization Engine – ContentProvider Criteria Models


This post explains how to build a custom user interface element for the FortuneCookie PersonaliztionEngine for EPiServer which will describe a criteria to be used within a ContentProvider. Each ContentProvider possesses a Criteria string property which is set by an editor via the PersonalizationEngine UI and can be used within the GetContent method to specify a search term or more granular...

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