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Storing recently-viewed EPiServer page visits


User tracking and delivering a personalised web experience is now a default part of any modern web-build. If you’re Amazon or another on-line retailer then there is real business value in storing and analysing as much user data as you can (hence the advent of cloud based storage solutions such as Amazon S3 which was conceived firstly for use by Amazon itself before being opened up as a...

Developing a custom workflow in EPiServer : Part three


This is the third post, in a series of five about developing a custom workflow in EPiServer. Part One – Overview and Requirements Part Two – Windows Workflow Foundation in EPiServer Part Three – Designing the Workflow Part Four – EPiServer tasks and working with the user interface Part Five – Access control and finishing touches Designing the Workflow Now we’ve...

Using NuGet for EPiServer third-party libraries


NuGet (formerly known as NuPack) is an third party library package management system, heavily integrated with Visual Studio 2010. Its received a lot of attention since Microsoft first announced it, and for good reason. It enables you to simply include third-party libraries into your solution, where NuGet will do all of the heavy lifting and set-up for you. This can be a real time saver over...

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