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Developing a custom workflow in EPiServer : Part two


This is the second post, in a series of five about developing a custom workflow in EPiServer. Part One – Overview and Requirements Part Two – Windows Workflow Foundation in EPiServer Part Three – Designing the Workflow Part Four – EPiServer tasks and working with the user interface Part Five – Access control and finishing touches Windows Workflow Foundation in...

Developing a custom workflow in EPiServer : Part one


This in a first of a series of posts about how to build a custom EPiServer workflow. There is a fair amount of information about EPiServer workflows (most of which are nicely summarised by Frederik Vig in his amazingly useful EPiServer Developer Resources). Hopeful these posts will be able to add to that and also provide further context. Comments are most welcome! Over the course of five posts...

Using the DynamicDataStore to count file downloads


Increasingly CMS builds are required to deal with more than just standard page-based data and deliver an additional level of content metadata, such as the number of page views or the number of times a file has been downloaded. The DynamicDataStore (introduced in EPiServer CMS6) provides developers with a convenient and easy-to-use persistence mechanism which is well suited to this type of content...

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