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ImageDataExtensions for Episerver 10

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Thanks to Luc Gosso embracing the true meaning of open source software and  ‘community’ (you give back at least as much as you take, in case you’re wondering) there is now  a version of my ImageDataExtensions package compatible with Episerver CMS 10.

Why the long wait?

She's already schooling me at JavaScript....

Ignoring another small package that has entirely changed how I spend my spare time, the reason is that the ImageDataExtensions package relies on a unsupported Episerver API to deliver its core resizing functionality, and I wasn’t sure what approach to take.

As part of Episerver’s quality approach they have been reducing their surface API, that is the number of methods that are available to developers to integrate and interact with the platform. This makes entire sense as they can focus their efforts on in-depth testing and validation of key features without worrying about methods that us eager developers have reflected out and used for more than their original intention.

The ThumbnailManager class that provides the resizing capability has been marked as an internal API (and moved to the Episerver.Internal namespace). Although still available to develop against, Episerver provide no promises around its operation or signature , i.e a. change to this method /API wouldn’t be considered a breaking change to the platform (though it would be for this package).

The point to remember is “if you are using  this package / or you intend to, please be aware that this means your functionality could break with any Episerver release and make sure you are comfortable with how you will deal with that”.

What next?

Luc’s contribution got me thinking about how best to provide a way out for those of you that want to safely use and rely on this functionality.

I’ve now abstracted the resizing functionality into its own interface and made it pluggable through the IOC container, enabling you to provide your own resizing implementation (thus no longer depending on the Episerver Internal ThumbnailManager class)

I’ve also created a package that uses everyone’s favourite Image resizing module (ImageResizer). There is already an Episerver integration allowing true dynamic image resizing of any image. The new add-on delegates the image resizing on upload to ImageResizer rather than the ThumbnailManager.

I’ve dropped this into another package Chief2moro.ImageDataExtensions.ImageResizer in case you’re interested.

Is now the right time to say that I think Image scaling and resizing should absolutely be part of the core platform. I rarely come across a project that doesn’t have that need 😉

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March 16th, 2017 at 3:12 pm

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London Episerver Developer Meetup Spring 2017 is March 23rd

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Hopefully this won’t be news to anyone, as you should have received an email direct from the Episerver developer mailing list. Wait, what do you mean you haven’t signed up? Do it now!

Where and when?

Thanks to RedWeb who are kindly hosting (and Episerver too), we’re having another Meetup on the 23rd March 2017

Help us out / lightning talks

I’m always keen to hear your ideas and feedback about our Meetups. Help me out and spend a few minutes to fill in the form below

Leave us some feedback to help make these Meetups better

I’m equally as keen to get some contributions for you all. It will always be better if you are willing to share a little of the cool stuff you’re working on. Just like last time, we’ve got a slot for some 5 minute ‘Lightning talks’. The idea being it’s a chance to……

  1. Tell us about something useful to the community (without the overhead of pulling together a presentation and slides). Why not just crack up Visual Studio and show us a demo, or talk us through a good blog post you’ve seen.
  2. Practise your presentation skills in front of a very friendly audience….

We had some good contributions last time. Hopefully we can get a few more this time. If you’re keen but don’t know what to talk about then let me ( I’ve got a few ideas you can use.

Don’t forget to tell us you’re coming

Please sign up on the Eventbrite page to book yourself a place. We’ve got limited space but will always try to accommodate as many of you as we can.

See you there 🙂


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March 8th, 2017 at 10:29 am

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