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First London Developer Meetup

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We held the first London EPiServer Meetup last Thursday, and I’m delighted to report that I had a great time!

Being serious though, I think I can safely say that everybody who turned up enjoyed themselves and thought the evening worthwhile. The majority (well all actually :)) of the feedback I’ve received has been positive, and we’ve definitely gathered enough momentum to make this a regular event on the calendar. Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze another meet-up in – just before Christmas. If anybody is interested in presenting (or if there are any offers to host the next meetup – then please get in touch with me). I personally found it genuinely inspiring to be in the company of developers who are so committed and demonstrably passionate about their craft.

The program for the first meetup included:

1) Lee Crowe demonstrated his Global Search and Replace plugin which he’s now released on CodePlex

2) David Knipe gave an overview of EPiServer Mobile Center and explained how easy it is to push your own Gadget functionality through onto iOS devices.

and finally I hosted a informal chat entitled ‘Developing with EPiServer’, where everybody got involved, shared opinions and insights, and collectively we gathered some interesting feedback (which I’ll be passing onto EPiServer).

Also – a big thank you  to Fortune Cookie for kindly agreeing to host the event.

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October 26th, 2010 at 1:48 pm

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London EPiServer Developer Meetup

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For some time I’ve been thinking that because EPiServer has grown so consistently in the UK – that must also mean that the number of developers working with EPiServer in the UK must also have increased (though not quite enough judging by the number of recruitment agents still on the look-out for anybody with mad EPiServer skillz).

However, beyond the contacts that our agencies have with the UK EPiServer sales team – the contact that we as developers have directly with the EPiServer development team is limited,  perhaps to a support ticket or two; or maybe to a high-level presentation at a Partner event. This isn’t the case in Sweden and Norway, and not withstanding the fact that EPiServer is based in Sweden giving an obvious advantage, I think we can improve the situation in the UK.

One of the successful initiatives set up in the mean streets of both Stockholm and Olso is the idea of an EPiServer meetup – an evening where developers across differing agencies meet up to share EPiServer experiences (both good and not so good), new ideas and the latest techniques all in the informal company of beer.  These communities also extend to offering feedback and feature requests to EPiServer.

The groups in Sweden and Norway currently have over 350 and 90 members respectively. I’m not sure exactly how many UK EPiServer developers are out there but I’d like to think we can match that. I know that I’ve already met a fair number of you through work, previous partner days and even randomly bumping into you on the tube.

The Goals

Getting all formal for just a minute; the goals for this group are:

  1. Give developers a stage to demonstrate and share some of their work and experiences with EPiServer and web development in general.
  2. Help further encourage and engage the UK EPiServer developer community.
  3. Act as a centralised UK channel for EPiServer developers to provide feedback and feature requests directly to EPiServer.

The First Event

Fortune Cookie (where I work) have kindly volunteered to host the first event, and even more kindly offered to provide some beer and nibbles for us – woop 🙂 🙂

  • Thurs 21st October 2010, 18.30 –21.00
  • Fortune Cookie, The Lightwell, 12-16 Laystall Street, London, EC1R 4PF (Map)

I’ve not yet set up a full program of talks, but I’ve got some in mind on topics that hopefully you’ll find interesting. Again, its up to all of us to make this a success, so if any of you have any ideas about topics, or wish to volunteer for a talk then please get in touch (

If you’re interested then please sign-up and RSVP using the meetup group I’ve created.

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October 5th, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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